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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I am posting this As I have ongoing issues with my CCTV system. The issues which I am encountering are relating to the motion detection activation feature within the cctv system which i have set up to monitor the parameters of my home. These are motion detections being recieved by the dvr from the directly connected wired cameras installed. But there are being repeatably falsely triggered. Continuously day and night. I have looked closely into the setting relating to motion configurations on the DVRs installed operational system and everything seems to be configured correctly as far as i can see. The sensitively set for each camera seems appropriate and does not seem to be anything that is contributing to this issues re-occurrence. However despite my efforts to pin point the cause to this operating errors occurrence, I am still encountering the continuous motion detection triggers and remain puzzled in regards to a logical cause to this matter. If anyone could please help me solve this issue it will be much appreciated, sincerely your time would by myself. as it stands currently, the usage of my homes CCTV system is somewhat limited. Please anyone with good knowledge relating to this area of cctv, please do get in touch and thanks again for reading this request.
  2. I need help gaining access to my AVTECH MODEL AVR-7604LN - COMPRESSION H.264 . The user is Admin and I have tried several generic passwords and generators with no success.  Also i tried many firmware file for this board , DVR power and work up with different name and logo without password but cameras not work , this DVR support 1080N AHD , but most of this firmware is for 720p firmware for this DVR size is 16mg "MACRONIX MX25L6433F - DVR AVTECH" AHB700XT8-3520D V4.03B 0197166178 link of firmware and startup rerecord firmware in this link has password "i don't know it " i backup it from bios ic https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1s3k3ZLlFVC3I6bW5vkZ8QgRwHR9XIZcF can someone please help a brother out. 
  3. Hi I am looking for some technical advice with a system that I can find very few details about. We have a FALC-NVR-32BB device with about 20 cameras connected. The system has not been upgraded in years and only works on Internet Explorer. I am looking to get the Firmware updated or am looking at trying to use external software to access the cameras both live and the recordings from the NVR. Can anyone please offer any advice as to what software I can use to achieve this? If we upgrade to the latest firmware, what features can I expect?
  4. Hi there, I have a H.View DVR labelled DVR-WB104 on the bottom with a sticker and MBD6004D in the system info menu. The firmware is from 2015, is quite buggy, the web interface is completely broken, it uses nvsip which I don't know much about and very little info appears to exist (please link if you have info) and the old mobile apps have been taken down and APK downloaded versions do not work. The desktop software, CMS, works fine for live monitoring but remote playback is buggy. There is a USB update facility but no apparent firmware for download anywhere. Does anyone have any additional information regarding this device? It works mostly apart from the bugs and I'd like to get remote functions working again, preferrebly using custom software or something. Root access would be awesome if possible.
  5. Hello all, First time posting here and I'm certainly no expert, I'm just looking for some quick advice. We had a four camera system installed a little over 18 months ago and one of the cameras seems to be playing up. Can anyone first confirm whether it is certainly a hardware issue from the picture below (this poor quality image only comes on intermittently, then it goes to a black screen of no signal)? in which case, would it be a case of a replacement needed? Following this, would anyone be able to suggest where I could find a matching replacement? (I'm in the U.K.) The company we used would charge £300 for a new camera, plus probably about £125 - £200 to fit it - which all in all, I feel is pretty steep. If I can't find an exact match, I'm guessing I can mix and match something with pretty much the same spec? Thanks a lot for any help in advance!
  6. i have an old 2015 model of sort DVR with system version DVR-G004L-EC 2.0.0000.6 release date 2015-05-06 it'll start recording automatically when you turn it on. and then every 59 seconds itll flash the date 2000-12-30 23:59:59 then it reverts into the system default of 2001-01-01 00:00:00 and then will record and set the recordings time on 2001till it all loops like that, if you even try to change the time and date to the current, itll only keep recording of current time then when the next 59 second hits the clock it still reverts to the 2001 date i've already did a format on the hardrive to clean the files, and did a hard reset on the device to load the default settings and all the box says the name "smart watch" H.264 DVR anybody knows how and where to find the latest software to flash it if possible. cant upload "large files" so i hope the link for some images works... box: version: back of the unit: front of the unit:
  7. Hi all. I have come here for help. I installed an 8 camera Lorex (Costco) system in my own home. The CAT6 cabling was hung prior to sheet rock in our new build home by the builder's sub. Visually, it looked fine. The result is that I had six of eight cameras go live without a hitch. Two won't work despite every conceivable thing I have tried. Let me explain. First, I am not claiming to be an expert, but I am A+ and Network+ certified and have wired many, many networks over the past 20 years. That being said, I will focus on the two cameras that do not work. If I plug a camera in directly (bypassing the in-house cable runs), the cameras work fine. I have jumpered in a 100ft cable directly from the NVR to the cameras. They both work perfectly this way. So... pretty simply, it's the cable or terminations, right? Here's what I have checked. Cable length (TDR) is about correct (90 feet is the longest cable). Continuity is good. Wire-mapping is correct. POE matches other cables that work, Patch panel and patch cables are good. I have rewired everything on both ends (including wiring the cable onto a different patch panel port) twice now and it always comes up the same. I have checked meter readings from both ends - all match. Meter shows no shorts, no crossovers, no split pairs. I really want to figure this out. It makes absolutely no sense to me. These cameras "should" work, but don't. I have never seen a problem like this that couldn't be diagnosed. Besides, I paid a lot of money to have this place wired and if I can prove the installer did something wrong, I can take it back to him. The roofline on my house makes it darn near impossible to pull new cable without significant expense and labor. What is going on with my cables??? I'm stumped. Please, any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much. Dave in Trinity
  8. Hi everyone so we've recently moved into a house that has qvis viper cameras installed, they have forgotten the password and we can't get signed in can anyone help with a dynamic password or a password to help us get signed in, I've tried qvis and installers, help please!! Cheers guys
  9. Hello, I have to reset the password of a DVR specifically a hd-3016u. The password has been lost by the owner, and they need to regain access to it. Thank you very much for your help, Karnathe
  10. Help how can I reset Microdigital Model - 16700
  11. TMEZON H.264 Network Video Recorder model: MZ-AHD1208P Stuck at system login, says Account has been locked.. need way to reset plz help?
  12. Hello Guys/Gals I need some troubleshooting help with my parents DVR occasionally skipping minutes in saved recordings. The DVR in question sadly is not a very high quality one, being a cheap Xiongmai DVR that came with a combo package of 4 cameras. I have tried: Reboot/restart/reset Lowering the quality to D1 (Helped responsivity but still skips and fails to record) Watching from TV/Using the included app/software Checked all connections The cameras themselves appear to work fine, since in the TV preview they work completely smoothly. Oh, and the DVR model number is A1004NS-C, Its an analog DVR with 4 BNC connectors to the cameras. We live in a PAL region if that happens to make any difference in signals. (Considering the DVR fails to work if i switch the mode to NTSC) I really appreciate all responses, since this has caused a bit of a headache especially to my father