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Found 26 results

  1. Crackerdog

    IVMS 4500 and Hikvision

    I have had this system for 5 years and set up a long time ago , Virgin sent a new router super hub 4 and nothing worked , all ports were set up and its working but only on my mobile data and not on my home wifi. so the internal network is blocking the cameras but I have no idea why This seems to be the opposite of the issues I had setting it up. Any ideas would be welcome cheers Paul.
  2. Good afternoon, I have a very strange issue, I have asked the company I purchased the equipment from , however although they helped a little they wouldnt take a camera back to test it for me. So, in our shop I have a Hikvision IP system with 3 cameras, 2 internal domes and an exterior one. One evening I checked on the cameras using IVMS and noticed our shop was in blackness, weird. The IR didnt seem to be working at all on any camera. It was as if the IR had been turned of altogethor. Next morning I accessed the recorder then the cameras, everything was as it should be; I had changed nothing in the lead up to this. I have reset every camera manually using the reset button and updated both the firmware on the cameras and recorder. Nope, still no joy. Any ideas ? The cameras work flawlessly otherwise. The cameras do switch to b/w in low light. System : DS-7604NI-K1/4P 2 x DS-2CD2142FWD-I(2.8mm) DS-2CD2142FWD-I(4mm)
  3. I have tried over and again on two different Cameras and they both act the same.. What I am attempting to achieve is for my Camera to record directly to a NAS ( Buffalo Linkstation 210 ) as I dont want to run a dvr or the IVMS software suite on my PC 7/24 I setup my NAS as SMB but it is open to even anonymous W/R access I configure the Camera's Storage management NET HDD with my login parameters and test successfully. I then Format the HDD using the Camera's HDD Management tab. it seems to succeed and for awhile it is online and in NORMAL state if I log out and back in again it seems to change back to Uninitialized. I have a youtube video if you would like to see... It shows the NAS on the left and the cameras webpage on the right NAS Status wont stay Initialized Video Link Any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi all I have a hikvision cam and a dvr which is linked to my mobile and my wife's mobile. She can playback recordings at anytime of the day but mine only allows playback until around 11am to 2pm on any given day. The rest of the day shows nothing recorded. I am using a Samsung S10 and my wife is using an iphone 11. Is it a processing power or memory issue ? My wife used to have a much older iphone (6 or 7+ I think) but still could see the whole day's video but I have never been able to.
  5. Hi there in case of upgrading my surveillance system to get rid of all my 8 NVR TO one equipment. which equipment should i use. is the hikvision blazer pro all in one is the best choice alone or i need to use hikvision NVR with 128 channel along with the blazer prothanks in advance
  6. I have a hikvision 8 channel full HD DVR. I am using the Hik-Connect app for live view on my smartphone. Whenever I try to watch the live view on my phone, it works for about 5 seconds and then the DVR crashes and restarts on its own. The DVR is connected to a TP-Link router. What should I do now?
  7. Hello Everyone! Very glad to introduce me and my company here. I'm Felton from Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology Co., Ltd., are a CCTV video surveillance manufacturer in Hangzhou China, we develop, produce and sell CCTV DVR, NVR, IP camera, and Analog camera(AHD and XVI), we can do any OEM products according to your requirement. Production of camera modules and complete equipment. If anyone in the forum has related needs, you can find me on Whats or send an E-mail. Whats Number: +86-17758371152 E-mail: zhengyunlong@xiongmaitech.com/zhengyunlong@jufenginfo.com Company website: xiongmaitech.com/jftech.com Thanks for your attention!
  8. jason3712

    Camera resolution

    Hi. Hopefully an easy question! If my DVR say only accepts highest resolution analog TVI camera of 5MP, but having a hard time finding a camera that's 5MP, can I hook up say a 6 or 8MP and just go into the camera settings and set it to 5MP? Or won't i get that far, as in I won't be able to get to the cameras menu via the DVR? I don't want to buy a higher res and not be able to use it, that's all. Thanks in advance.
  9. I am planning to Install 1 DS-KV8213-WME and 3 DS-KH6320-WTE I am going to connect them to a Hikvision POE Switch my question is, will the system still work if for any reason the internet drops out? As the internet is not 100% reliable at the location Im not on about remotely or on IVMS ect. Will the system internally still work without an internet connection
  10. Gareth Parry

    Hikvision ivms-4200 issue

    Hi, we have a Hikvision DS-7608NI-K2 / 8P connected to multiple cameras. currently we can only access via a web browser and it has to be IE as it needs a web plugin. We cannot view any recorded playback as our AV blocks it and as yet there is no way to allow through. We have external access set up and we can access the system using an external IP, via the mobile app and also IE. I am looking a way at being able to access the system without IE, without using a mobile device and that allows recorded playback. I have installed the ivms-4200-VS client on the internal network and connected the device using the online search. when i go to playback i can see it and there is a small down arrow that i can expand and see all the camera's. i can then do live view and playback. when i install on a remote PC and try adding using the external IP it finds the device and tells me it is online. when i go to playback there is no arrow to expand and see the cameras. am i missing something? do i need to open up more ports on the firewall? is there a better solution? thanks Gareth
  11. hello all if anyone need to reset any DVRs ,IP CAMs OR NVR or any product from Hikvision just send me the XML file in message and i will help him who want to test ?
  12. Hi guys I’m currently in the market for a new camera for one of my premises. I wanted a camera that gives a audio warning message when triggered and even flashing light if possible but the light is not totally essential! I have come across hikvision DS-2Cd2t46g1-41/sl My question is has anyone any experience with this camera, how do they feel it works , is the audio output any use eg would a person in a car hear it or have you needed to add additional speaker if possible? If anyone has any information or suggestions that they did for a similar job in the past id appreciate the help
  13. Found this on Marketwatch this morning: "Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross said in a written statement Monday that the U.S. government “will not tolerate the brutal suppression of ethnic minorities within China.” The blacklisted companies include Hikvision and Dahua, both of which are global providers of video surveillance technology. Hikvision said in a statement Monday that it respects human rights and strongly opposes the Trump administration’s decision. The company said it has spent a year trying to “clarify misunderstandings about the company and address their concerns,” and that this will hurt its U.S. business partners."
  14. This is my first installation ever. I bought a Hikvision DS-7600 series NVR to use an Acti E73 I bought a few years ago. The camera is a PoE and it says is ONVIF compliant. I followed the instructions and added the camera manually but it won’t connect to the NVR I connected the camera directly to the network using an PoE switch and I’was able to find its IP address using a PC. However I cannot access it through the web browser since I don’t have the login credentials. Already tried defaults. Most likely changed these and don’t remember? Anyway to recover them? In the Hik NVR menu I have included the IP address and selected Acti for the protocol. Changed the port number to whatever number I set up for port forwarding in my router. There is a field for the camera username and password and I have left this blank. Again not sure if this is part of the problem?? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hello everyone, Can any one guid me that, will these cameras work with this recorder ? Recorder: DS-9664NI-I8 Cameras: DS-2CD2135FWD-IS DS-2CD2535FWD-I DS-2CD2T23G0-I8 DS-2CD2T45FWD-I8 Also Please guid me which PoE Switch do I need ? Al if any one can help me with all setup what do I need as in hardware,
  16. Sbothe

    Hikvision Motion emails

    We have a system setup with Motion Detection and line crossing. It sends emails when motion/line crossing is detected, it also only records when motion/line crossing is detected. Is there any simple, one button, way to stop sending emails when the home owners are home? We also have a Control4 system on site if that is any help.
  17. Does anyone know if Hikvision have an external IP camera with 2 way Audio inbuilt on the market. I don't want any i/o or need to add power & speakers etc. Just something neat & tidy in one unit. They used to have some sort of Cube Cam if i'm not mistaken but think that's now discontinued. Thanks IA for any help.
  18. HelloIs it possible to add and delete registration numbers to the list in camera using some API from my application level?I need to open the road barrier after identifying the registration number but there must be a more eleastic access to database management than xls import. I know that there are solutions in which the camera sends a photo with recognized number to the server, there the photo is processed and then some system manages and decides but it's to complicated.The minimum I need is at least that the camera would return the recognized number to me in the form of a data frame string , not a photo?I would prefer to have ongoing access to the white list in the camera.I have doc with API from 2016(or some think like this) and there:8.17.2 / ISAPI / Traffic / plateList command returns me <statusCode> 4 </ statusCode><statusString> Invalid Operation </ statusString>the question about info returns me the data of the camera.I use the DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZS / P camera for testing
  19. NEMOTech.Solutions

    ISO Help finding Firmware for Hikvision NVR

    Hi, I am new to this forum and am hoping someone could help me. Last year I purchased the HikVision DS-7216HWI-SL NVR/DVR Hybrid (16-ch) and a few Indoor/Outdoor Camera's on eBay and only finished wiring the camera's and setting up the NVR about a month ago. I have been busy but it didn't take me long doing a little research to find that a firmware update had been released. I've spent the last week or so (on & off) trying to find the latest firmware for my model (DS-7216HWI-SL) and so far, I've had little luck. If I'm not mistaken, what I have is a European version, which works fine here in the US and all but the US website (hikvision.com) has no support for my model. In fact, when I search their for my model number, it finds nothing. The same is true of on their European variant website (hikvisioneurope.com - I think). I was hoping someone reading this might have the same model and/or know where or how I could go about finding this. For those of you asking yourselves "Why is it so important, I'm sure the current Firmware this guy is using works perfectly fine so why he bothering us?". I have plans for modify the portal logo and some of the default system settings, but this cannot be done until I am able to find a copy, even of the same version Firmware I have now. I would, however love to be able to update to the latest version since the UI is noticeably nicer and more intuitive. I hope there is someone out there able to help me. Thanks in Advance, ~Nemo - nemo121886@gmail.com
  20. Hi I Recently installed a HIKVISION SMART ANPR CAMERA 8-32MM to my hikvision nvr .I have it mounted before an entrance at about 50-60ft height and 15-20ft from where I am trying to capture reg plates .It works really well during the day capturing reg plates but at night they all have a white glare and does not read any at all .I was told from my supplier it’s already set up by tech guys in the factory and no other settings needed to be adjusted and from what I tried to adjust via nvr options (as this is how I set it up ) there was not a lot to settings available to adjust, only zoom options and the area that I wanted to captureHas anyone else had this problem and how can I resolve this issue ?I have adjust the angle and distance from camera to cars a few times but still does not help once it gets darkAttached photo that may helpThanks in advanced
  21. Hi I have installed cameras in two of my houses over the last few weeks , I have been using the mobile Hik-Connect app to remotely view and has been working great . I installed a new ampr camera and need to login via a laptop to configure settings but cannot for the life of me find how to login successfully . On my mobile app I logged in from day one via a mobile number and password don’t thibk I ever gave a email . After some research and YouTube videos I see I need to search my IP address in search bar and takes me to hikvision login page , but that’s as far that I can get ! When I try to use the details on the laptop that I have been using to login with the mobile app it’s saying wrong username and keeps locking me out . I have tried using default me such as admin , 12345 for logins but none are working ! Also via the mobile app if I select account settings it’s giving me a user name , which is a few letters and numbers mixed together computer made but even this user does not seem to be working I even tried creating a new hikvision account via there website but when I try to add my device via serial number it’s saying “operation failed , the device is added by other users “. I also clicked the forgot password on login page but is saying no answers is set for security questions and guid file verification seems not to be set either Does anyone have any ideas how I can get around this problem , I just need to login on a laptop once to adjust my ampr camera and then continue using the mobile app 99% of the time . I used Swann system before and that took literally 5minutes to set up on laptop and mobile so I think I must be stuck in a glitch and can’t get past it without some inside knowledge Hope someone can see this as a easy fix thanks guys in advanced
  22. Hello, I bought Hikvision DS-7204HUHI-K1 recorder with 4 x Hikvision 2ce16hot-it3f cameras and I have a problem to enable Line detection on more than 2 channel ( 2cameras). Do you have any idea how i can enable this function on 4 channel ? I see only message like this camera does not have this kind of functionality but all are the same and if I disable one where detection is ON, I 'm able to ON other camera. Additional i saw settings like "enable enhance vca" where is message this function will allow you to enable detection on 4 channel but will disable 4mpx... something like that, but when i enable this function i have only view from one camera. My second question is about compression. I have not too fast internet connection. Is it good idea to enable H.265+ ? Any additional tips how to speed up and what to disable or enable to improve bandwidth ( I'm using mobile to view)? I reduce resolution only to 1080. Thank you in advance
  23. HiI have installed a HIKVISION NVR DS-7608NI-K2/8P and five DS-2CD2385FWD-I cameras, I would like to use the Audio input for a microphone and the Audio output for a speaker can you please tell me what kit you recommend for this, I want to be able to talk through the HIKVISION APP to anyone who enters the property and be able to hear them, I do not want to record the conversations, also I would like to operate a siren from the app is that possible.RegardsChris