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  2. pirateprentice

    Swann NVR Night Recording

    I finally managed to solve this (if anybody still interested) but it involved a bit of programming. The problem is that the file header declares 25Hz (or whatever the unit is set to) but the actual frame rate is 8Hz, 13.5Hz or other random number, so it plays incorrectly. If exported as AVI file, however, the audio is declared correctly, so the correct duration is known, and then dividing that by the number of frames gives the actual frame rate, which can then be overwritten back in the file. I wrote a bit of software to do this, but its for linux. Anyone who'd like to do a windows/mac version is welcome to the source code. The output is a file that plays with correct frame rate (13.5Hz or whatever) and with the audio intact. I then use ffmpeg to resample the video to a standard rate like 30Hz, again preserving audio. Has this problem been fixed on newer Swann units?
  3. Last week
  4. Were thinking about putting a video surveillance system in our house. I've been looking at the Netgear Arlo cameras. But, how long do the batteries last? The website says I think it will last like 3-4 months on an estimated 10 minutes of use a day. But I'm planning on putting the cameras in high usage areas such as the kitchen. There will be a lot more movement than 10 minutes a day. So I'm afraid well have a lot less battery life than a few months. So I guess the only option to not have to worry about dead batteries is to hard wire it. But in a basic house, how in the world do you get power to the cameras? I'd have to RIP up my walls like crazy. So looking for suggestions.
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  6. I have a Trendnet TV-IP311PI v1.0R Dome Camera which works fine in the daytime but it is at night when I am experiencing the issue with picture quality with the IR night vision active. The original camera I had which I purchased 2nd hand worked fine in the day but was blurry at night as you can see from the picture - "Outside Shot - Original Camera" I found that if I bought the camera into the garage the picture was fine at night as shown in the picture - "Inside Shot - Original Camera". I have played around with the settings in the camera's menu which makes it very slightly better at night but then in the day the picture is very brght and grainy. Thinking it was an issue with the camera itself I purchased a new additional camera of the same model as set it up in the garage ("Inside Shot - New Camera") which was fine in the dark, however when I moved it outside and swapped it with the original camera I am getting the same issue with blurry feeds??? The camera is mounted under my white UPVC eaves on the ground level, the eaves connect with white UPVC windows in case that is of interest to determining the cause - could the blurry image be caused by light interference or another issue which is not present when it is in the garage. I cannot understand why there is a difference when then IR is working when outside and when in the garage. I have got the cameras both running on the latest firmware revision. I would be grateful for a resolution as the current night images would not be good if they were needed following an issue occuring that they are there to deter and protect against..........Help ☹️ Thanks in advance
  7. Benson Chiang

    Mp or starlight

    Starlight cameras will give you images at night time in colour providing you have enough ambient lighting. In terms of how good an image the non starlight camera will give you is dependent on what the infrared from the camera can bounce off of and how long the IR on the camera is rated for. To be honest 30-40 meters is far too far for a 3.6mm lens. You will need a varifocal and to zoom it in.
  8. Benson Chiang

    Help with video power balun

    The way it would seem that second balun works is that you provide the balun at the camera end with 24-36V DC and it will convert it to 12v DC which will then fine for the camera. I have not used these like that myself but have used convertors in the past to convert 24v to 12v and it looks like this would work in a similar fashion. With that in mind a 12v psu would not do the job and it would need to be receiving 24-36v at the end of the run. In terms of burning a camera out by using 15.5v then yes for example if put that much power on a 1m run for a camera then there would be minimal power drop and the camera would receive most of that power. This is obviously higher than the 12v it needs and you could well burn it out.
  9. Benson Chiang

    Resolution problems

    The recorder will support 4mp cameras. The resolutions the cameras can be and the monitor can be set to are completely separate. E.g. you could have 4mp cameras on a 1080p screen. In this case you would not get the full benefit of the 4mp cameras as the screen cannot display at 4mp but if you were to digitally zoom in on the image you would be able to go further than if the camera was at 1080p before getting pixilation.
  10. Benson Chiang

    Help Power Supply issue

    If all of your cameras have dropped off do not look like they’re getting power I would indeed look at the power supply being the cause. It may be worth testing one of the cameras with a different psu. If it works you’ll have your answer.
  11. Benson Chiang

    what analog camera will work

    As has been said above you will need to focus on the lens size as this is what will dictate your field of view. The smaller the lens size the wider the view you will get.
  12. Whether you see a big difference will depend on the size and resolution of the screen. If the monitor is only 1080p then you will not get much of a benefit unless you use digital zoom in which case the 4k camera will allow you to zoom in further before you get pixilation.
  13. Benson Chiang

    cctv with colour night vision

    The advanced technology call 'starlight', it's basically like a low Lux camera. it only needs a little light and you can have colourful image. Furthermore, it comes the 'colour night' technology now. it's even stronger than the starlight camera. The outcome is quite impressive. Maybe you can google or YouTube it to have a look.
  14. jeromephone

    Power Supply recommendation

    look at altronix. we have used them for cameras and access control and never had a problem
  15. Hi, I can't change my DVR date & time. It shows the date & time year 1930. If I remove the battery, no changes. Time sync not working. Replaced battery with CR1220. Please help.
  16. Benson Chiang

    Dahua ntp servers

    It seems a silly thing to check but have you checked the time zone is correct
  17. My understanding with the FTP is that it will only upload snapshots so these will to be enabled as they are disabled by default.
  18. There is no way to do this. The only thing I can suggest is creating a rule to automatically delete the start and end notification emails within the email account itself.
  19. I planning to buy a new video conferencing solution. According to my research Enkay India has good video conferencing solutions. Since I am new to this stuff I am still unaware of all the things required in a good conferencing solution. Here is am pasting the link of the specification available in their video conferencing solution. Please let me know if it is enough,
  20. I work in the industry which provides customized Audio Video Solutions. I have been given the task of researching new problems that people want to address with respect to AV solutions. Please mention in the comment section the common shortcomings of technology you see in most AV systems found in the market, SO it can help us design a better product.
  21. Just wondering if there are recommendations for a better power supply? Currently I am using the Monoprice "4 Channel CCTV Camera Power Supply - 12VDC - 5 Amps" and after 1 yr, one of the camera went out because of the faulty fuse. So now I am looking to replace the power supply. I just want to buy something of better quality if there is.
  22. Hi, Does anyone know where I can get hold of a user manual for the electriQ AH4DVR720P. I have been in hospital and I think my wife has had a clear up of my paperwork as I can no longer find it or does anyone have a copy they could scam and email to me? Thanks, Gerald
  23. And how to send only emails with snapshot and without"Motion detect Start" & "Motion detect End" ?
  24. Logan005

    HD-SDI camera with a pink hue

    I have an HD-SDI board camera installed in a fence post. I needed to replace the board and the lens was not compatible, so I ordered a new lens. The lens came yesterday, it is an M12 25mm IR lens. Upon installation I noticed the bright areas of the picture has a pink hue. I have gone through all of the OSD settings and can not find an adjustment to fix this problem. I currently have it set to B&W but wish to return to color mode ASAP. Anyone have any idea what setting it could be? or do I need an IR-cut filter? I have ordered several electronic IR cut filters should be here in a week or so. Thanks in advance, Logan..
  25. Thx for the advice, but I found the problem. I had to give the camera another ip adres for it to work 😶
  26. Are there any systems that can use PoE cameras and also ad-hoc use of indoor battery powered wireless cameras on the same system? A friend of mine wants to install a CCTV system using PoE for all the external cameras and has asked if he can place a couple of cameras in different indoor locations such as the porch and conservatory where there is no easy way of connecting power or a cable to a wireless camera. Thanks
  27. I would bypass the NVR and power the camera another way, like 110v supply or poe switch and see if that works. It may be incompatible with the NVR. I would also check with the seller of the camera on compatibility with the NVR.
  28. Try windows 10/chrome/ ie tab extension for chrome. Or try blue iris on windows 10, it has a trial version and it works on my Huisun ptz.
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