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  2. Hello, Hope you can help me with this. I am looking for a CCTV system (no cloud) with cameras that can be wired or wireless connected. The problem I have is that on the front side of my house I have electric cables available, but it will be very difficult and expensive to run network cables to that side, hence the need for wireless cameras. However on the garden side of the house I can run network cables and, as the WiFi signal is quite low, wired cameras can be installed easily and are my preference. I have done some research but cannot really find a hybrid system. Any suggestion? If the system is too expensive then I will go wireless everywhere and will fix the WiFi in the back of the house, but I understand that wireless are not as reliable as wired cameras. Any suggestion of decent wireless system with night vision and wide-angle cameras? Many thanks, Lenrix
  3. I am looking at a GW4108EP from GW Security. Does anyone know anything about this company or this model NVR in particular. Where its made, is it rebranded, gw support and so on. Previoulsy installed alibi wittness/ Vigilant , HIK, Hanwah wisenet.
  4. Hi, new to the forum so i may have this in the wrong place. I have a hikvision ds-7608ni-k2/8p that i would like to use cloud storage with, i updated to the latest version firmware to give me the cloud storage option, but it only gives me the cloud2.0 option, hikvisions own subscription service. does anyone know of the firmware version that allows use of dropbox? thanks
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  6. Please delete this thread
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    Delete post

    Hello if an Admin is seeing this, could you please delete all my threads thank you
  8. Cooltech

    Concept pro HDD

    Hi I am a facilities manager I have taken over a site that has a concept pro system installed with a concept pro HDIp NVR 16 channel recorder. When you archive footage and download to a usb - the video has the wrong time/ date on the watermark time stamp? I’m at a loss to see how to correct this. Is this generated by the HD or the cameras? Any advice much appreciated
  9. tomcctv

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    I edited this post after doing a IP check 2hrs later Faceter Is a data collection owned by a Russian company ….. started 2019 based in Orenburg so not worth using a mobile as camera
  10. tomcctv

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    Hi direct from there website To access and use the Website, participate in Faceter token sale event and for other purposes that will be mentioned further in this Policy we may process and/or collect the following Personal Data (by the way of example): First and last name; Email address; Address; Date of birth; ID, residency and source of funds verification documents (e.g. copies of a passport/ID card and utility bills) and data contained in such documents (e.g. home or another physical address, phone/mobile number, gender). so you only want to watch your car yet let a 3rd party know everything about you giving out data to some company you don’t know is and always will be a security risk using old mobile phones with free 3rd party software always has a problem ……….. nothing in this world is for free………….. in this case it’s data collection to sell on that’s how they make money from you using free software much better to buy a budget 1 camera HD system nvr …….. months of free storage and it’s yours without a 3rd party
  11. RyanBurger

    Video surveillance using smartphone

    I was testing different apps these days and wanna share that Faceter doesn't ask for address book permision. Just regular camera, microphone and file storage. I also tried Aldfredo and it works fine for me too. Now I am testing Faceter to watch over my car. This night app detected strange movement activity, it was a stranger, but nothing bad happened. Can someone advice me a good stand for the phone? I wannna put another phone in the kids room
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    AVTECH Help with password

    Buenas, por favor , tengo la misma placa y me pasa lo mismo .
  14. I have a lorex POE system N863 NVR with 6 cameras. Works great. The PC app from lorex sucks. Is there another pc app that would work with this setup? I use a reolink setup at work and like it . Tried to configure to my Lorex but cant get it to work. Any ideas? Thanks.
  15. Hi, I only have the 1 camera on this supply, the others are on a 12v box. The run is only about 30’
  16. Hi. How many cameras do you have on the supply ? also still need to know how far power run is. the multi meter is to check the voltage on the BNC at back of dvr for ptz
  17. Thanks again for the help! so remove all the fuses and replace with a single 6amp? It’s a Samsung SCP-3371P, my multimeter is with a friend (going to pick it up tomorrow) would a separate 24v supply be better?
  18. Ok for over 1amp one fuse needs to be changed and rest of fuses removed how far is ptz from power supply and dvr which bosh are you using ? do you have a multi meter
  19. It has a fuse in each channel and yes I’m in the UK
  20. Ok not a good power supply is this the fuse type or auto reset type (no fuse each channel) are you in the uk
  21. Hi Tom, changing the polarity does not make any difference. The power supply is a pow500 6A with 6 outputs.
  22. Hi can you turn the power cables red into - and black into + …… only at power supply end also what size is your power supply
  23. Hi Tom, I am using a 24v box that has 8 connections available. Only using one and it’s powered with the shotgun cable. What’s annoying is…. When I put it on the test monitor, the picture is perfect. The same if I plug it directly into the monitor and use the joystick pad, perfect picture. It’s only when I connect to the dvr. Even a short patch lead gives me the same problem. I have 2 cameras and they both give the same results. All my 12v cameras are perfect.
  24. Hi that looks like a power problem how are you powering the camera and type of cable you are using
  25. Hi all, I am having trouble connecting a Samsung ptz camera to my Hikvision system. When connected it flickers between a dark picture to normal for a brief second. When it is bright, I can control it via the coax and dvr. When it’s dark, nothing! Any ideas? I will link a couple of clips. https://www.facebook.com/100005618645184/videos/1249441082494607/?fs=e&s=cl https://www.facebook.com/100005618645184/videos/1442446726198211/?fs=e&s=cl i forgot to say, If I connect it directly to my monitor and joystick control, it’s perfect. Also when I use my test monitor
  26. tomcctv

    Picture not clear

    Hi can you list type of cable and baluns if used also power supply type and spec…… is the power run over 100m or local to camera
  27. tomcctv

    Picture not clear

    This can’t be done with listed camera
  28. Ahmed Abdulla

    Picture not clear

    Thx for your feedback
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