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  2. leshill

    RS485 question

    Hi there, I didn't know if that would upset either system due to possible conflict between the two devices so that's, i'll give that a try. Tell me, is there a way of getting the camera buttons on the joystick to turn the picture over, normally this is done via the mouse and clicking on the image you want to maximize?
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  4. cctvman1379

    RS485 question

    Hi take a cable from. The connections on the dvr to the keyboard and they will both work fine both through dvr or nvr and through the keyboard
  5. Hi all, I have a sannace DVR with 4 x PTZ cameras controlled via the RS485 port which works perfectly. What I'd like to do is use a keyboard and joystick unit by way of feeding the camera's by the RS485 on the camera's straight to the joystick. Now here;s the issue, I'd also like to control the PTZ function by way of remote app for the DVR but because the RS485 feed from the camera's will be going to the keyboard/joystick that won't work. So question is is there a way to take a single RS485 connector and and have that connect to both the DVR and the keyboard/joystick since I don't believe you are able to just connect the two in parallel?
  6. jeromephone

    Geovision Software

    I just checked on the Geo website and the latest software is 8.8. check your cameras manual to see what the server requirements are. I would upgrade to the latest software version. How many camerass do you have on the system now.? Adding a camera to a geo system takes a couple of steps which should be outlined in the manual. All software and docs are avaliable frome the geo website
  7. dvrpines

    Disappearing logs

    I have an H.View CCTV system bought last year. The oldest log entry is deleted every time a new entry is added to the DVR logs. Has anyone ever heard of this happening before? I have reason to believe my DVR has been hacked.
  8. Nichole

    Wireless Camera System

    My parents are elderly and are requesting security cameras be installed on the outside of their house and detached garage. Some atmospherics for consideration: - They do not have a smartphone, they access the Internet via a Samsung Tablet - The Internet router is in their basement with spotty service in the upstairs (doubtful that a signal will reach to the outside cameras) - Their detached garage does not have Internet connectivity What would be a good wireless setup for this situation. I'm leaning towards Arlo but I'm not sure how to provide the garage coverage.
  9. Hello house, please i need help on how to reset this viewtec dvr password. i have tried all the method i know like removing the battery and power it on still no joy. Please any help will be appreciated Attached file below
  10. lived in shenzhen body camera industry from 2015 introduce something: CCTV camera/body camera and 2g/3g/4g body camera CCTV fixed camera used cable or network transmission video body camera, normal digital recorder, have higher clear picture with 1296P/1440P, GPS. WIFI CONTROL when it used MTK/ambrealla, novetech chipest etc. 4g body camera have 3 solutions too qual, mtk, ambrella, in hardware. have differient OS for it andorid, linux, system name like milestone, samrteye, realptt, CMASV6 in accessories like clips not compitable in these factories have diffirence in GOPRO and Klickfast. but system can be compitable easy.
  11. The account that is locked is not on the DVR itself, it is on the cameras which is why everything you have done has not resolved the issue. Depending on the age of the cameras the username and password could be admin and admin. If the cameras are from the last 2 years or so the cameras would have had to have had a new password set on them when setting up for the first time much like you had to do on the DVR after defaulting it. I would suggest trying to log into the cameras using a web browser on a laptop as you may get the option to reset the password from there.
  12. Mohd Azizi

    Geovision Software

    Geovision software Version and Camera Model GV-SD2322-IR. Can give solution how to add the camera in system.? thanks you.
  13. Mickey123

    Hi from Canada

    Hi guys
  14. Good afternoon, We have a DVR model DVR4116DH and we have lost the original CD. Can you please help me with the download link for the remote viewer program? Thanks
  15. 51cent

    Mp or starlight

    Yes, in my opinion, starlights are worth it. You can find some comparison videos with a google search. There are some higher megapixel Dahua starlight cameras that have come out too.
  16. Hello i have to decide what cameras analog have to install . The options is dahua 4mp non statlight with motr. Lens 2.5-12mm or a 2mp starlight with same lens? Starlight is worth it?
  17. jeromephone

    Geovision Software

    what version of the software are you using and what is the camera part number (make and model)
  18. Hi All, Regarding Geovision software, i can't add the camera in Software Geovision. Can help how to add the camera in the Geovision software. Really appreciate to all. I can't import Ip because the software the item. Thanks
  19. memo0000

    CCTV Super Password

    Is there any tool to reset password of nvr samsung srn.472s?
  20. I have samsung nvr SNR 472s I search more and more to remove the password but I didn't find any useful solution . I dont have remote control to do freeze alarm method.. is there any tool to reset the password?
  21. Probably not enough IR light. If you can send them back, look for Hikvision ultra lowlight or Darkfighter cameras, much better at night. Or you could try an external IR light, something like this. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MTXSJP9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05__o00_s00?creativeASIN=B01MTXSJP9&linkCode=w61&imprToken=B4w1mXOVAXLJzqzmoxI2GA&slotNum=1&tag=ipctk-20&ie=UTF8&psc=1
  22. Recently we installed a system with 3 mp hikvision cameras . The visuals are clear during daytime , but they are very grainy once it is dark. camera model :ds 2ce1af1t-irp dvr - 7b08HUHI-K1. tried everything i could .. please help
  23. Clovis57

    CCTV for subsea

    HI...I use a basic ROV (remotely operated Vehicle). I record subsea inspections for clients who vary from boat owners to civil engineering assets. The commercial system we used for recording the rov video failed and is very expensive to replace. All I need need is a cctv dvr that records the rov video in, but be able to type on text to the screen the component being inspected. Any advise would be appreciated.
  24. SpiffyLambda

    Hello, from the Philippines!

    Hi, everyone! Just an average Joe with an average job, here to ask for advice regarding a certain problem I have here at home that I believe can be resolved through some careful and clever application of CCTV technology. Hoping that this community's collective knowledge and wisdom on the subject can help.
  25. Hello! I'm having problems with a Dahua DVR of a friend of mine and need help. He has a Dahua DVR XVR5116HS and 2 IP cameras. It shows "account is locked" in both cameras when I put the admin account. I guess that the old guy who installed the DVR and the cameras locked the account. I already tried a factory reset via the menu but it didn't work. I power cycled it for 30 mins and nothing. I tried creating a new account: test / test but when I edit the cameras it shows "account doesn't exist". The only one that seems to "work" is the admin but its locked. I have the user and passwords right: 888888 / 888888 and admin / admin123 (I changed it when It reset because It didn't let me put the same old password "admin". What else can I try? All the network configs are OK: router IP, cameras IP, etc. (I don't know if this has something to do with it) One thing I tried is to export the config from the DVR to a pendrive, to put it in my PC and change the accounts from there (or delete them). I can see the exported folder but the files there are unreadable. Opened them with the notepad and all I see are symbols. If there's anything else I could try please let me know!
  26. Hi. It’s down to the size of the cable (conductor) 23 is best. But this does not matter if your using analog with baluns why use cat6 when cat5 is more than enough
  27. Hi, I have 4 NVR's same model DS-7604NI-SE/P and each one with 4 IP cameras model DS-2CD2442FWD-IW. One of the NVR's has a problem: does not allow anymore to select any other resolution than 352x288 (please check the pdf file attached, with capture screens from the bad NVR and a similar good NVR compared). I've tried already to reset the NVR to factory defaults without success. I would try to rewrite the firmware but I cannot find the firmware for this model to download. Any suggestion how could I solve this problem? Thank you, Costin nvr bad.pdf
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