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    Admin Password

    Hi I just wondered if there were any codes as I still haven't managed to fix my dads cctv Thank you x
  3. Ok fit any camera you like with your magical recorder that does 265 / 264
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  5. I have created my own recorder, intel i5 with Linux and ffmpeg with own scripts for rtsp stream recording. It is working great since few years. So please focus on camera only, let's say I do not have any limits on recorder. So what do you recommend instead of RTSP?
  6. Hi. It depends on your recorder ……. Can it handle high MP on each channel why are you using RTSP .
  7. Hi I need an advice before I will buy 4-5 IP cameras for Home Security. I have already one 8MP - DS-2CD2685FWD-IZS 8MP and 2x 4MP - DS-2CD2143G0-I both are great. video quality is very good. I'm not using any special options from camera menu - move detection, rtsp recording - this is done by the NVR software. So I'm only getting RTSP stream from the camera. So I thought I wll add 4 additional DS-2CD2143G0-I , but then I found HiWatch serie, and I'm thinking about the HWI-D140H Will this be also ok? I hahe checked sample movies on YT and both are quite similar. Where is the difference? There is almost double price difference between those 2 cameras. Thanks
  8. will this work on a NON SIP factory unit VTO2000A-C? version ?( without SIP) ? Is there FW also for the screen ?
  9. Hey, I have ordered few months ago 1. VTO2000A-C 2. VTH1550CH - 2 pcs and order another units ( apparently SIP supported ) 1. VTO2000A-S 2.VTH1550CH-S How do i make them work togther?
  10. Compliance Engineer

    Camera UL listing

    DC products do require NRTL certification in the USA and Canada. There are lesser requirements for products that are supplied by SELV or ES1 low voltage and current limited sources vs. AC Mains products, but “UL” (NRTL listing or recognition) does apply. For example, a SELV/ES1 powered product may be able to use a plastic enclosure with a UL 94 flame class of HB vs. the V-1 required for an enclosure that must meet the requirements of a Fire Enclosure. Products powered solely by ordinary alkaline or carbon batteries do not require NRTL listing. On the subject of CE marking, this mark is not the equivalent of an NRTL mark. That is a common misconception. CE is a self-declaration meaning the manufacture certifies the equipment meets the safety and EMC requirements for Europe. It only has weight in Europe and unlike with NRTL Listed products, the European safety mark does not require regular factory inspections to ensure the marked product is still being manufactured with the same critical components that led to a safety approval in the first place.
  11. I need help gaining access to my AVTECH MODEL AVR-7604LN - COMPRESSION H.264 . The user is Admin and I have tried several generic passwords and generators with no success.  Also i tried many firmware file for this board , DVR power and work up with different name and logo without password but cameras not work , this DVR support 1080N AHD , but most of this firmware is for 720p firmware for this DVR size is 16mg "MACRONIX MX25L6433F - DVR AVTECH" AHB700XT8-3520D V4.03B 0197166178 link of firmware and startup rerecord firmware in this link has password "i don't know it " i backup it from bios ic https://drive.google.com/drive/u/0/folders/1s3k3ZLlFVC3I6bW5vkZ8QgRwHR9XIZcF can someone please help a brother out. 
  12. Hello, I am running up to three sites at the same time and it's time to invest in security but I really don't know what the best system would be. My requirements are the following: - up to three small construction sites at the same time / the locations keep changing every three months on average, WiFi available on site, - need two outdoor battery powered cameras per site, plus doorbell, plus sometimes perimeter monitoring, - ideally one week in the cloud recorded data, maximum one month if weekly not available but local NVR acceptable too if solution too expensive, - I need to see everything as admin. Each site can only be accessed by the relevant site manager. Can anyone guide me? Many thanks in advance.
  13. HELP NEEDED: This is on a Smart TV using the IP Camera Viewer Pro app. Can anyone tell me why when after I click on the ONVIF button and then I hit the scan button to get the correct ULR when it starts at 1 of 159 it won't go any further. Thanks for any Help
  14. yes your right "ring" is the wrong word ( maybe "rail" would have been better ) and I have not made my mind up at all.. just not keen on drilling lots of holes in walls to get power outside. My thought was have 1 cable running 12v @ 10A from 1 psu , and as each camera need a waterprof junction box I could stick a 2A fuse in each box for each camera If 1 camera goes down the rest are fine, You say im gona have problems from day 1 could you please help / enlighten me here
  15. Hi. No point having a return ….. 12v dc is pointless I can see your set on doing it this way but it’s going to give you problems from day 1 In cctv it is always best to keep power to each camera (interrupted power supply) and reason is a faulty camera will not pass electrical problems onto another camera that has no problems
  16. So if I run a ring of 12v @10A ( 5 cameras at 2a ) each splitter then goes into juuction box with a 2A fuse to the camera all should be good ? why never a low voltage ring?
  17. Omair

    Indoor surveillance camera

    I would like to request you to have a look. Here are the top 6 security cameras for your indoor and outdoor purposes.
  18. I was flipping through you tube A fond this video And wanted to share' It just shows that we all should be aware of what we're doind.
  19. I am unable to download the recordings on the DVR through VIDEO VIEWER. when i click Backup it gives error message "FAILED TO GET DEVICE PARAMETERS".
  20. i have the same problem but i already update may software version but still not ok.
  21. Hi. No. Each camera is protected via a 2amp power supply which is a bit more than its needs connect it to a 10amp then if a camera has a problem it has no protection … could over heat and even catch fire same as a fuse in a circuit board …… 2 amp fuse protects it …….. put a 20amp fuse and fuse won’t blow so damages circuit board and you never do a low voltage ring but there are different ways to run cameras but not many options with wireless what system was you looking at
  22. so your saying im to use 12v 2A psu to run all 5 cameras? NVR and cameras are the same make same make
  23. Hi. 12v 2amp ……. The 2amp side is protection for each camera …… so you will not have any protection on each camera if your using 10amp power supply in a ring also Wi-Fi systems are a bit deceiving….. it’s a wireless signal to dvr also known as a proprietary system you can’t use another brand camera how many cameras are you installing
  24. OK be gentle with me, I'm thinking of getting a wireless / wifi system with 5 camera's , each camera has its own psu 12v 2A instead of drilling 5 holes to get power out I was thinking of running 1 cable of 12v and 10A around the house and at each camera an ip65 box for the juction would this work ? would you go slightly higher than 10A ? and what sort of cable to do the ring ? hope this makes sense Just trying to work out how im gona get power to all the camera before purchase , cheers John
  25. Hi All, Have a situation where the admin password doesn't work on the local screen, but works fine from Web pages, Date is correct on the device so would someone mind sending me an admin password over please? (For whatever date you send it) Thanks,
  26. I have 32 cameras to hikvision nvr, i would like to show only the external one to security guy and all cams to administration, what is the best way to achieve that please? note: all camera are on POE switch, the nvr only have a link cable
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