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  2. Bluenose1940

    Accessing system away from home.

    I have just input the new IP Address for the iVMS4500 on my phne and it all seems OK but I will try it when I am away from home this afternoon and will report back to you. I am really grateful for your help with this. I have just tried to do the same with Hik-Connect on my phone but if I click on remote configuration at the bottom of the screen it is telling me to 'Configure DDNS' first. On the first page of the settings it is showing 'Not Set' against 'Configure DDNS' and if I ignore that and try to click on 'Remote Configuration' at the bottom, I then get the message 'Configure DDNS first' When I go into the DDNS page I can see the 'device name' the Server Port number which is 8000 and the HTTP Port number is 80 and the Port mapping mode is set to 'Manual' Any thoughts on this? Thanks again.
  3. tomcctv

    Accessing system away from home.

    Hi the link provided only checks your network if it shows Exeter based that means that’s we’re sky server is located which is providing your home with internet if you don’t trust it just google what is my ip but you will find it will shop same ip as my link
  4. Bluenose1940

    Accessing system away from home.

    Hello again tomcctv, I have another question please. I notice that the link that you have provided for me refers to Exeter, you have probably used this location because I mentioned 'The Exeter area' in my post above. I actually live in Exmouth, does that change anything? Thanks again for your help.
  5. tomcctv

    Accessing system away from home.

    Hi. Yes next too ipv4
  6. Bluenose1940

    Accessing system away from home.

    Thank you so much for this tomcctv, it's very much appreciated.. Is it the IP address opposite the IPv4 that I should be using?
  7. tomcctv

    Accessing system away from home.

    HI with mentioning sky ... your in the uk yes there right as you get a static IP address with them. there are two types of IP address you need one is local which is something like 192.168.x.x. ..... which you have set up right and it’s your local ip which is allowing you to view while at home. to view while away from home you just need to add a external IP address which you will find by clicking on this link .... the number at the top is your external ip https://whatismyipaddress.com/ in your device list list go to edit and replace your local ip with the one from the link ... click save and your done.
  8. Bluenose1940

    Accessing system away from home.

    I have spoken to Sky, my Broadband supplier, and they have told me that it is completely unnecessary for me to do any 'Port Forwarding' and that I should be able to achieve what I want without recourse to this action. The fact that I can view images via Hik-Connect and iVMS4500 on my phone using the Wi-Fi in my home would surely indicate that I am 'almost there' as regards a fully functioning connection. I can also view all images through my desktop computer using iVMS4200. Additionally I can also log into the images by typing in the IP address into Internet Explorer on my computer and view images from both cameras using HikVision My thoughts are that I must be really close to a complete and fully functioning setup but, there is obviously some small detail missing somewhere. Does anyone know if there are any competent techie people around the Exeter area that might be able to help with this problem in a face to face meeting.
  9. titin0595

    Strobe Light

    where i can get the strobe lights for cctv pole camera lot's of companies are using blue & red Mini led strobe lights
  10. Exacq is like most commercial NVR solutions that require a software support fee. Having said that, the ipad client interfaces to the server via the web interface. If you open safari on your ipad and go to the IP address of your NVR server (if you don't know it, it should be in the exacq app config). You should see a web page with two choices, Choose the Exacq Mobile Client and you will find it works just like the dedicated ipad app. Since it pulls everything from your server in this case, you won't have the problem with version mismatch that is happening with the official client, so it should work fine even tho you are on an older version. The other choice (thin client) works well on desktop browsers if you have a need for that from remote.
  11. Same problem with version Solution in my case: Device Management > Groups > doble click in 1st camera > put Mainstream in First Record Stream. Copy to all cameras.
  12. Pseudomax

    UTC compatible PTZ Booster?

    No-one with thoughts?
  13. 51cent

    Accessing system away from home.

    Yes, look your router up at portforward.com for instructions for port forwarding.
  14. Bluenose1940

    Accessing system away from home.

    Thank you for your input andriens. Can you be more specific please. When you say 'open ports' is this the same as a term that I have heard that mentions 'Port Forwarding'? As I say, I have heard the term but I don't know what it means. Also, What is P2P? Is there a set of instructions anywhere that would explain this in detail? I'm a 79 year old wrinkley and will need a bit of guidance on this. Thanks again for coming in on this.
  15. Guys, I'm curious if anyone else is dealing with this. We're a small self-storage company. We purchased a stand-alone (local) server from ExacqVision several years back. It basically has a display (DVR) box that displays all cameras in our office, and we have an iPad software from them that we can use to view the cameras remotely. The iPad app was a work horse for me, as I use it to see what's going on while I'm not in the office. Unfortunately though, the app has been so buggy, that I had a hard time using it. But it still "kinda" limped along and worked after needing to be restarted several times. Today though they issued an update that totally broke it. This is what I'm getting now: I'm curious, does anyone else who also uses Exacq system have this happen, and do you know of any fix? PS. Unfortunately I can't contact their tech support. Since about last year, their system started showing pop-ups telling us that our support has expired. When we contacted them, it turns out that they want $600 per year more (aside from thousands of dollars that we already paid for this local standalone system.) So we obviously said no to that racket. So, yeah, that's the kinda rip-off that company is. (Sorry, for venting. I'm just very frustrated to have lost "eyes" on our property. Something that we paid Exacq specifically for.)
  16. Now that Lorex Cloud Service no longer exists, does anyone have a solution for setting up automatic offsite backups on newer Lorex NVRs (NR9163X)? Business management has this as high priority and I haven't been able to figure out a way to do it. Thanks.
  17. andriens

    Protect hdd

  18. Similar timeline is when NVR's CPU cooler is stuck and device starts to reboot to prevent processor damage.
  19. andriens

    Accessing system away from home.

    You must open ports on your router or use P2P.
  20. Hello folks, I have a two camera Hikvision CCTV setup whereby in my office I have the NVR which is connected to a monitor and to the internet via a Netgear Switchbox. The two cameras are connected directly into the back of the NVR. I can view the camera images using Hik-Connect and iVMS4500 on my HTC Android phone when I am at home using my own Wi-FI and, I can also log into the images via Hik-Connect through IE on my computer. I can also view the images using iVMS4200 by clicking on the icon on my desktop computer. All of this is fine but, if I am away from home and try to make a connection with my system by using the Wi-Fi available wherever I might be staying or, by using my data allowance on my mobile phone, it fails every time and I just cannot get a connection, I get various error messages such as 'Connection Failed' or 'The device is off-line'. I know for a fact that the device is definitely not off-line. Has anyone got any ideas as to how I might be able to overcome this problem please? I was away in Lincolnshire for a few days recently and I tried on numerous occasions to make a connection but without any joy. Any help offered will be very much appreciated. thank you.
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  22. Hi, I hope I am in the right forum?!! I had a rather significant event in life 3 years ago where my house burnt down from a lightning strike. The reason for explaining this is that I had a CCTV system prior to this that was replaced by the insurers at the time. Unfortunately, like with many of these situations it was not smoothly managed and the builder asked the electrician rewiring the house to fit the wires as he had not found a dedicated CCTV expert early enough to do the work. As such, the 'non-expert' electrician fitted the wrong Coax cable and a 'poor quality' power cable to the cameras. The security company accepted the job, and they came in and installed the 4 PTZ HD cameras using the cabling that had been supplied (it was a timing issue as first fix had to be completed and second fix was finished by the time the security company were available). The problem though was that when the poor quality cable was connected there was no video at all (literally even on a 10m cable there was no video returned). So the builder then subsequently ran the correct coax cable (as directed by the security company). When this was completed everything worked apart from one camera on the longest run (which is roughly 30m) which never responded well to the PTZ commands (by that I mean it only responded to every 2nd or 3rd command and very often would start to spin with no easy way to stop it). I essentially had to accept this situation as I had bigger arguments at the time, and I felt somewhat sorry for the security company as they inherited the problem (even though they accepted the job ... but they accepted it to try and help rather than any other reason). They did test the camera with a separate coax cable run outside to the camera at the time and it worked without a problem. They also went exploring for interference with the coax and found nothing. Also to add, 2 of the camera coax cables run together for the bulk of their journey, with the troublesome cable running a further 7m but there are no electrical cables anywhere near where the 7m of cable is ... the one camera works without a problem suggesting that interference is not the main cause? Recently though (about 2 months ago) 3 of the cameras stopped working (including the troublesome one). Basically they kept rebooting and at night were particularly bad. After a significant amount of research, I realised that it was probably a voltage drop issue over the dodgy power cable that was still there. And again after research of solutions I found that the best answer was to push 24V through the power cables and then convert whatever voltage is at the other end into 12V, so each camera receives it's full voltage. This has largely worked, as I and a friend did this yesterday and the cameras are all working seemingly as they did previously ... apart from the original troublesome one that if anything is even less responsive now than before. I was hoping that some wise expert on the forum might know what is causing this and have a simple solution? As a non-expert I thought that possibly the UTC PTZ commands were degrading as well and that a booster (if one exists) might solve this? Otherwise, I wondered whether even the 24V is insufficient to be converted to the 12V at the other end? I have a HikVision DVR with 8 BNC channels and 2 IP channels (the 2 IP channels are full). There are 4 external PTZ HD cameras as I have described (I am not actually sure the manufacturer as they are not HikVision). The original cables were the Swann CCTV cables which were power/Video/control all joined together... I also wondered whether I try to use the control cable with the power cable to increase the size of the cable for power (not yet tried this in part as I will have to solder on a ladder as these cables have been cut back)? The new Coax cable I don't know what make it is, but it has worked well and was a much thicker and better insulated cable than the Swann equivalent. Any help will be gratefully received!!
  23. dalis

    Adding Cameras

    Hi all, this has been bugging for so long. I have a Q-See QC9116 DVR with cameras and wanted to add more cameras. This system is a HD Analog with BNC connectors. I ordered some cameras from china which they say are AHD but I don't get any picture. Talked to their tech support and tried moving some wires like they said. They said it's a analog and AHD camera. But they still couldn't get it going on my system. I had a friend with a cctv tool to check and the camera does work on AHD settings. But what is my problem? China uses a different AHD system or is there a difference between AHD and HD Analog? Should I try to purchase them somewhere else?
  24. Hi All, I haven't made the jump yet as other priorities have arisen. I'm seeing DVR's like the Hikvision DS-7204HUI-K1 in my quotes. I'm coming from old Avermedia NV-5000 card and software which I thought was awesome but these small Hikvision 'VCR looking' thingy's look like junk. They are likely half empty metal boxes. Is the software in these tiny things intuitive, up to date and well laid out? The PCB in these boxea is the size of my TV remote control, so I have my doubts on the quality. Hikvision has never seemed attractive to me perhaps due to all that china surveillance bugs that were found in them a while back. Thanks in advance,
  25. Latest FW I have : https://we.tl/t-swpfMfuzmG
  26. jayrech

    Guardian Expert setup help please!

    Not sure but we've had AT&T internet all these years and the technician came out did inside and outside work then swapped the router. I would think that he forearded the ports as well but I'm not sure.
  27. Sasat

    Camera identification

    Can someone tell me what type of camera this is and what modern day equivalent I need to buy to replace this as a plug and play option. Thanks in advance
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