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  2. Opeth

    4k over coax

    Can you send me a link from this supplier?
  3. ClayPerisale

    Bots pounding my Dahua admin password

    There's a way to do this which will stop bots from trying to gain access to your NVR/DVR. You will need to set up a VPN (Virtual Private Network). You will also need an app installed on your device to allow you to connect to your home network via the VPN. You can then close all open ports on your modem/router effectively isolating your local network. Now the only way anything can connect from the outside world is to connect to the VPN itself. If you're unsure how to do this, I'd strongly suggest contacting an IT professional to set it all up for you.
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  5. Hi, thanks for reading this. I have a Hikvision NVR Model DS-7608NI-E2 / 8P/A. 4 cams (2 x Hikvision, 2 x China pin hole). Everything works fine. I have configured channel zero encoding on my NVR. I can see the channel zero using the iVMS4500 app on my android phone. I've found a great way to view my cameras on my Amazon Alexa using www.monoclecam.com. This uses RTSP feeds which all work fine (even the Chineese cams after some faffing around). e.g. to view a Hikvision camera I use:- rtsp:/ This is the standard Hikvision method which works fine. The 101 is viewing the first channel of substream one. QUESTION How can I view channel zero on my DS-7608N using RTSP? I know that channel zero isnt an actual camera, so it doesnt have an actual IP address. In the Network settings screen of my NVR the IP address of my actual NVR is .57 (this is what I use to connect to the actual NVR from my PC). The Network settings screen of my NVR shows the "internal" NIC IPV4 address is .105. I have scoured the internet and have come across various pages that tell you how to view channel zero using RTSP but nothing I have tried works. One forum someone was trying to change the number of cams their channel zero showed via RTSP. They said they could view their channel zero using RTSP, but they didnt say if they were using a Hikvision NVR. Another site said:- "Suppose IP address of NVR was:, the RTSP port is 554, to get a stream of Zero channel, the RTSP URL would be rtsp:/" The 001 was channel 0 stream 01. I assume the .39 in the address above would be the IP of the actual NVR? Again, I've tried this but still cant view channel zero via RTSP. Does anyone have any suggestions please? Many thanks for your time.
  6. I'm brand new to the ip camera/nvr camera setups and have just bought an 8ch Hikvision nvr box, and a few various cameras for various needs. Naively, I bought this 2CD3T45FP1 fisheye camera from Aliexpress thinking there would be no issue, it'd just slot right into this system. However when I plug it into my computer and run SADP I am unable to log into it and get the message "device rejected". From what I can gather this is most likely to it being a Chinese camera. Is this something that can be fixed with an English firmware? and if so, where can I get one?Cheers!
  7. Dear folk I tried to check that in setup but I failed Is it possible to display time on the top left corner of a live view and name on the bottom right corner for Dahua ip camera model IPC-HFW4631F-ZSA ? I just want to match that with other live views which are belong to HikVision ip cameras Regards
  8. Hi. I would look at a hybrid system you can still use your existing cameras plus upgrade and add in time. avermedia cards and the pc software are no longer supported but just by using a hybrid your existing cameras will also give you a better image. Avermedia cards limited your cameras. wireless systems are not a good idea and don’t last. A hybrid system will also allow you to use ip cameras ........ you don’t need to get cables to them you just need a power supply at the location and that allows you to send the video down existing power cable hybrids are cheap now and allows you to use up to 5mp
  9. jeromephone

    4k over coax

    cca is junk you need solid copper core and shielding . for instance this is from an online supplier RG59/U 20AWG Pure Copper Conductor 128 Copper Braided (95%) 18 AWG X2 Pure Copper Power Cable
  10. Many of my cameras IR-Cut LED Boards are having LEDs going out. Are these just unreliable and prone to failure or are they highly sensitive to proper supply voltage or what? Help appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Opeth

    4k over coax

    How i know if a cable is good quality? I can send you the specs of the cable i had and tell me your opinion CSA: 0.5mm² Conductor diameter: 0.8mmØ Conductor material: Solid OFC Braid: 48 x 0.12mmØ Braid: material CCA Dielectric: 3.7mmØ foam PE Cable diameter: 6mmØ Impedance: 75 Ohms Capacitance: 67pF/m Velocity factor: 83% Power cable: 2 x 7/0.38mmØ (0.79mm²) bare copper, red/black Max. current: 6A Return loss 5-400MHz: 24dB min./100m Return loss 450-1000MHz: 20dB min./100m Return loss 1000-2150MHz: 16dB min./100m Attenuation @ 5MHz: 2.8dB max./100m Attenuation @ 50MHz: 5.1dB max./100m Attenuation @ 100MHz: 7.3dB max./100m Attenuation @ 200MHz: 10.1dB max./100m Attenuation @ 400MHz: 14.9dB max./100m Attenuation @ 860MHz: 22.1dB max./100m Attenuation @ 1000MHz: 24.7dB max./100m Attenuation @ 1750MHz: 34.1dB max./100m Attenuation @ 2150MHz: 38.1dB max./100m Colour: Black Length: 100m
  12. jeromephone

    4k over coax

    if it is good quality cable, is within length,and terminated and installed correctly it should be fine.
  13. Hi there. Just a question. Can coaxial cable rg59 transmit 4k video? I will use dahua xvr 4kls but is the cable my problem. Thank you
  14. It's actually fairly easy, you don't even have to transcode it (as such) but you do need to rewrite the header from MPEG-PS to MPEG-4. Then PP will import. You need to install https://www.ffmpeg.org/ and do the following ffmpeg -filename.mp4 -flags +global_header -vcodec copy -acodec copy filename_converted.mp4 This is very fast as it does not even transcode, just copies. You can even delete the original after as it is basically exactly the same video payload with a rewritten header. This works for Hickvivion IP cameras, if DVR cameras have ethe same problem this should work. Enjoy;).
  15. mikacctv

    AVH1109 and DGH1109

    I have read a lot of documents this night. I still don't understand a lot of things ! In the avtech H.265 NVR SERIES User Manual, there is many tables with "type 1", type 2", "model 1", "model 2", etc..."model 11". It is completely incompréhensible for me. For example, which avtech NVR is type1 model 3 ??? There is no explanation how to use the model and type information. And the product selector does not help. https://www.avtech.com.tw/SelectTool.aspx Select nvr and then more than 4ch and it says "no result". This is not serious ! I'am now looking at HIKVision...
  16. mikacctv

    AVH1109 and DGH1109

    Thank you for your answer tomcctv ! I 'am not sure to understand all, sorry I'am a newbie... You mean I won't receive notification on video motion detection event ? Because this is exactly what I need. I agree with you. I don't want to use a cloud service. I want all the records on a local HDD. I have understood that both AVH1109 and DGH1109 have a local HDD. Is this correct ? I did not read that they use a cloud service. My actual system uses coax and external power supply. This is difficult to install. 2 weeks ago someone has broken my car's window and has stolen all in my car. My KPD674 has detected the motion but did not send me a notification as this feature is not implemented. It has recorded only 30s of video and I can't see the face of the thief because of the low resolution of the cameras. This is why I want to buy a better DVR. I only know the make avtech but I would buy other make if this is better. One important thing is POE because it is more easy to install and I need 8 channels. Thank you !
  17. tomcctv

    AVH1109 and DGH1109

    Hi. Most recorders are sold as 4 - 8 - 16 - 32 reading both specs they are only 8way recorders. also there is a little difference between both models you have listed ..... size of mp cameras you can use and the other difference is notifications. Avtech have two types of push notification..... push video and push alert. One sends notification without video the other sends video ........ which is a bit out of date to other manufacturers NVRs i am not a fan of a 3rd party involvement in a cctv system ...... using a cloud service in another country and the last few years it has not been good for avtech your moving up from a analog to HD mp cameras is your old system on coax or cat5 ? have you looked at any other make and also HD analog
  18. Hi, I have a KPD674 since many years. I had a lot of problems with it and found solutions on this forum, thank you again ! Today I need more cameras, better quality image, POE and video push notification. So I'am interested in the AVH1109 or the DGH1109. I have red a lot of documents and I still can't understand the difference between AVH1109 and DGH1109. Can someone tell me if there is a difference ? According to the datasheets and the manuals they are the same ! Second question, it's a 9CH with 8ch POE. I can see 8 rj45 connectors. How is connected the 9th input ? Thank you.
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  20. i have a cobra system and a nightowl system.one is here and the other in mexico .i can view them both seperatly but i want to get them on the same screen .i use nightowl cam view and the cobra view on my laptop and a couple of different apps on my phone.i just want to get both systems up on one monitor in my house.i tried blue iris but can`t get anything to work on that.any ideas? thanks
  21. anthonyb5615

    drop ship wholesalers

    I am looking for wholesale company's that do drop-shipping. Or any good wholesale company that has low minimum ordering and low minimum pricing.
  22. Some years ago I used two different AverMedia cards to record wildlife-related videos. I've been thinking recently about getting some sort of IP-based system, but I have never been motivated to go ahead. At least not until yesterday, when my wife asked me. "Whose truck is that leaving our pasture and going out the driveway?" That motivated me to get serious. Until that incident I had assumed that I would use some sort of stand-alone wired system independent of my computer, but now I think I may need something that could handle some wireless I.P. cameras in addition to wired ones. In the past I have seen some stand-alone systems at pretty low cost at places like COSTCO and BestBuy, but I have no feel for how well they would meet my needs. I think I would prefer something that could handle at least 8 cameras, record if a motion event is detected and would not require a long-term subscription. I'm an old retired I.T. director, so I can handle basic network issues. I do not currently have a static IP address, but I think I could get one if necessary. I know that it would be unreasonable to ask the forum to design a system for me, but I thought maybe someone could point me in the right direction to help me get up to speed. I have looked over the Ultimate IP Camera guide and have started watching the IPVM 101 Training Videos. They have lots of information that I will be studying them in more detail. Thanks for any suggestions. Charlie
  23. Hi , Just want to know if Everview is a good quality for IP CAM / NVR ? Tks !
  24. Hi All, I am the CEO of a small I.T company. It was started 1 year ago. Now we have hired some employees. As you all know, we may have many files to handle. As the number of employees increases, we need to strengthen the security system. Especially the protection of confidential files and documents and also the prevention of unauthorized access. I am planning to install an access control system in our office. I am confused that which access control system is good for companies like me. When I searched online, I came to know about the card access system. What do you guys think about it? Is it good? Please share your opinions. Thanks!
  25. Hello, on my home security camera installation I used cat5 when I first set it up, which I later regretted after finding out how superior coax was for video. I installed baluns and ground loop isolators which fixed some video quality problems, but was still glitchy(tearing, flickering, video anomalies). Then I tried an AHD camera on the same wiring and haven't had any more glitching(so far). Is this because AHD is better suited for cat5 twisted pair wiring compared to regular analog video? Are some video standards more compatible with UTP wiring or vice versa? If I can get away with replacing my regular analog cameras with AHD cameras instead of replacing all my wiring, it would be much easier. Thanks.
  26. greetings all, we just changed our cctv cams to hd...the dvisn nano feed box will not work with digital...or so atx the manufacturer says...is there a cheaper way around this as a new box is over a thousand dollars and we only have a 3 cam setup thanks to all who can give me some guidance
  27. tube tech

    Strange flickering lines on the screen

    yes, cable is camera, equipment is DVR. it either works a miracle or has no effect.
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