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  3. I need help resetting my admin password I screwed up and plugged in a key board that the caps lock didn't light up and I typed a password twice that now it doen't let me in because I may have misspelled the password when I originally entered it with the defunct keyboard... I know I'm an idiot... here's my info if some one could help me I'd be grateful. Model DS-7616NI-E2/8P Serial number# 568524278 Also I need to know if any of the jumper pins right behind the lan port on the motherboard are supposed to be jumpers? I ask because there was a loose jumper in the unit when I opened it and its the only area with pins. Hope someone can help me out.
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  5. Boogeyman. Like you have been told for years you know nothing about me. But trust me I don’t need to make money. Been there done that in one case not that long ago someone had a problem with a ptz on the forum. I was at his home the next day ..... 3700 mile away and no money past hands I charged him a cup of coffee. Been good friends since. Yes the cctv industry has been good to me over 30 years Dominican Republic America Spain uk have all been good areas for me. So far from how you say working out of a trunk. But the forum is a place to help and give something back I don’t have to hide like you when you change your name every 5 minutes on forums because your advice is crap and lies if you want to spend your life going around forums changing your name ever few months and hijack posts .... then that’s a good productive life for you. Which is probably a better solution than you dealing with the public
  6. Lol. Love Love Love the fact that I got under your skin for calling you out for being lazy. No effort to perform a basic search. You are no deserving of my advice, now go buy crap, you deserve it. In fact, take all toms advice, you deserve to suffer the consequences. Tom has not answered ONE of your questions. In fact he has no experience with ANY camera with built in PIR. He is a trunk slammer installing basic kits - whatever makes him more money. I belittle lazy people like you. I belittle folks like tom who deliberately post FALSE information.
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  8. tomcctv

    DVR + Cameras recommendations

    Hi. At the time if I had posted the link ..... then op would not of got a rack at a good price. But it if your looking ...... then try your local staples store. Last week I picked up 5 Poe switches .... 12 sets of av 1000 gigabit power line sets for 100. All new in box Not only are they selling there stock off they are also selling there shop fittings ...... all network and security including there rack mounts as you know staples office is in administration and all shop close in the next few weeks
  9. ellabbs

    DVR + Cameras recommendations

    tom cctv, im interested in your rewccomendations on this subject, any reason why you dont put the reccomendations on here for us all to see..? just curious. can you pm me the same please. andy
  10. blademckain


    Hello, I would like to use my VTO2000a without the VTH I would like to integrate VTO with my home automation system (OpenHab) I realized that to open the door I have to use: ../cgi-bin/accessControl.cgi?action=openDoor&channel=1&UserID=101&Type=Remote But how can I figure out if someone has pressed the VTO button (someone is at the door) I tried to search the event in the log with some commands but without success /cgi-bin/log.cgi?action=doFind&token=1&count=100 always return found = 0 /cgi-bin/recordFinder.cgi?action=find&name=AlarmRecord&StartTime=2014-8-25%2000:02:32&EndTime=2014-8-25%2001:02:32&count=500 always return error ErrorID = 5, Detail = Server internal error! Can the VTO2000a works without the VTH ?
  11. ellabbs

    £200 camera recording unit

    hi, not sure where to go next, dvr,nvr poe, hdcvi or what, im so confused. whats the best most cost effective system for home cctv. i have a 2mp system at the minute and want to upgrade it, wast thinking of a dhua 8ch nvr4108-hs , i have up to £200 to spend on the unit, all my cameras are 2 mp bnc connections , so will i need to upgrade all the cameras as well. if so so be it ill do it slowly. any advice greatly accepted. .
  12. tomcctv

    16 ch shopping center

    When someone asks you to do a install you have two options .... you can say yes or no. Dont take this the wrong way but in your case I would say no.. fitting a domestic system into a shopping centre is your first mistake. Have your worked out the storage needed for 24/7 with motorised ? That system can’t do the storage you need so how will you retain/ store your talking dvr and nvr and coax so which platform are you installing also 2mp ...... look at something better ....why install something that is already out of date what country are you in
  13. I got a big job coming up , do a shopping center with 16 ch nvr some motorized cameras 1 5-50 mm, 2 2-12 mm, the others 4 mm domes using 2 mp cameras , using nvr amcrest dvr so I can record and playback 1080p . I running coaxial areial wire bc most wire be exposed to sunlight. Cameras I plan on purchasing are from a new company GNS , the claim their cameras are HIK VIS but without the name brand. Has anyone bought from them before. My concern are these cameras really from HIK VIS or not. Also in installing systems for customers , sometimes the diy buys his equipment and I install. I get complaints about logging into Swann, Lorex, Owl,andyou others . I go check it out and system is working I always hardwire Ethernet cable as close as possible to dvr/ nvr.it seems those systems servers bottle neck and causes problems . When I do Amcrest dvr/ nvr I never get those complaints . This why I sticking to Amcrest NVR recorder because it always been reliable. Like to hear your thoughts as to what system you would recommend . As always customer wants as low price he an getaway with . But he wants decent quality.
  14. zorus

    Reset DAHUA VTO2000A

    Hello, I've too the same problem on a VTO2111D, how did you solve the issue? Many thanks.
  15. Hi all, Please help me to reset password of Jtech AHD 8004B I'm able to access Login web page with user/password: admin/ttvvtthuanyuan but not found any setting to change password And with user/password above, I can't login into my device (plugged scrren and keyboard) Many thanks.
  16. HD908 - You seem to be a person of very small character - choosing to take every opportunity to belittle another contributor. You simply cannot resist taking a "pot shot" at another person who you disagree with. Even after the moderator cleaned-up my thread to eliminate the pointless / useless / child-like comments you are prone to post - one again you unleash trash. If you ever see a thread that I have initiated in the future, please feel free to stay out of the discussion. You are not welcome - and nothing you have contributed has provided one single benefit to me.
  17. cardlockco

    Lenel Onguard

    It sounds like to me you may need to archive some of your data. Then you can run reports on smaller segments. Also, it is not good for your system to let the database get too big. Or, if it is using Mercury panels (which you probably are) then you can convert them to the software we sell and you will not have to search the internet for help. You can call and one of our tech support guys or myself can help you. Access control, in general, has the worst customer support. It sure makes it easier for us to compete against them. But it sure makes it harder for you guys. Try archiving and see if that helps. Also, you may try restarting the pc right before you run that report to free up some RAMM in case it is having problems with that. I have seen that be a problem when you are trying to run a report with a huge SQL DB.
  18. Without knowing the particulars of that system I am thinking that you have not set the card format for that panel. If it was used in another facility then you will need to probably reset the panel to clear out the old programming. Then somewhere in your software, it will ask you for a card format or script. You need to tell it what format it is. For instance, it could be a standard 26-bit format. Look at the programming on the panel level. look at what that format is set to on the ones that work.
  19. cardlockco


    You should buy from me. I can honestly say that nobody has been doing it longer than we have. We started it 1948. How many doors?
  20. hd908

    Can NVR be connected to switch?

    Nonsense. The original diagram is just fine. There will be no difference. This is basic networking.
  21. Bofh76

    Help with password reset

    Hello Johnboy. I've tried them a few times too over last couple of months and have given up. I managed to get a password generator to work. There are 3 versions, the 2nd one worked for me.... here's the link, easy enough instructions. Password gen My issue is worse so no use that I managed to reset. I've somehow put mine in system maintenance lock mode so well gubbed!
  22. If that is the case you would perform a simple google search on the camera and find real world experiences rather than rely on someone like tom who has never seen this camera and has very limited experience with the various available models other than what he reads about online.
  23. soulfly83

    hello from scotland

    Hi from scotland, i was hoping someone on this forum would be able to help me with cctv enhanvment or knows someone who does it? thanks
  24. freakwent

    Resolution Headaches

    Hello! Please, if you can give any suggestion at all, do so! I am *stuck*. I have new HD analog cameras, capable of modern high resolutions, this model: https://www.hikvision.com/en/Products/Analog-Camera/Turbo-HD-Camera/HD1080P/Outdoor-Dome/DS-2CE56D7T-VPIT I have an NVR, DS-7208HVI-ST/SE. I have created (with BNC crimps) an new BNC-BNC cable and connected the camera to the NVR. I have no camera image on the NVR. I believe that it's working properly. Questions include: 1) How can I tell if the camera is working? No LEDs, no POE, no ethernet lights (lol) -- it's just a black box. How can I be sure it's even on? 2) How does the camera and the nvr negotiate a working resolution? Do I need to buy ones that match, and I didn't, so that's it; I need to buy new cameras? In which case, where on earth can I buy 4CIF cameras? There appears to be no option to configure resolutions on the the camera or the NVR, i had been half expecting to find dip switches. 3) Does anyone know how I can get hold of Hikvision to get an admin password reset on the NVR? USA support refer me to Australia, and Australian support ignore my emails. Online services don't yield a working unlock key. It comes from a site with existing hybrid power/coax cable runs, and I don't want to recable the whole building, so i want to keep the working cameras and the cables that are there, which means there's little point replacing the NVR, because I'd just be replacing a working analog NVR with another unit of basically the same thing. Thanks sincerely in advance for any advice or suggestions!
  25. daveclark966

    Convert .DAV to .AVI

    Avdshare Video Converter can play all DAV files on Windows or Mac, just add DAV files or drag and drop DAV files to DAV Player and converter and simply click "Play" button and then you can enjoy DAV files smoothly. https://www.avdshare.com/convert-dav-to-mp4-avi-wmv-mpeg-mov-flv
  26. allisonr1495

    Can NVR be connected to switch?

    If possible you should run another cable, this will give you the best connection to the "outside" (remote access). However I have used a DVR connected to a switch then the switch connects to the modem and it was fine, you do have to make sure the proper ports are forwarded on each device, if managed switches.
  27. Hi, I forgot the password of my KROSS H264 8 Channel DVR. If I press the Menu button this is what I get. Tried removing the lithium ion battery with no result. Please help Thanks
  28. Sohail Chowdhury

    Help with my DVR H.264 Password

    Hi, I have the same problem. Please help. Thanks
  29. You already knew about this software, you've posted about it here before - so the statement above is evidence of your true objective. Do not post about that software here again.
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