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  2. mcmental

    Qvis Quattro with ptz

    The cable I got with it has rs485 connection and I have the adapter for the dvr side. which would you say is best option Tom? thanks
  3. tomcctv

    Qvis Quattro with ptz

    Hi are you using rs485 or over video control the ony-x also needs to be on hikvision protocol in the drop down menu
  4. hi there i have the above dvr and some 720 cameras, i recently picked up a ptz camera made by ony-x mini bullet ptz camera, now ive tried to make it work BUT i cant, the camera lights up and does a move round but i cant get it onto my sytem to view it, any help would be great please.thanks
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  6. tomcctv

    How to set Park position PTZ

    Hi. Mover your ptz to the location that you want to be the home then under preset setting save it as preset 1.
  7. I am looking New or Used Bosch VG5 Autodomes VG5 614 0R 613. Looking those models because of site is a analogue site only. If you have any or are having site upgrades & are removing yours please get in touch. would be ideal to have arm bracket & power supply.
  8. tomcctv

    How to set Park position PTZ

    Hi are you using the controls on your dvr or control unit
  9. bentech

    How to set Park position PTZ

    Home or Park , not sure... I just to set it somewhere and stay there and go back to this position after power failure.
  10. ghanchihq

    Bosch VEZ--021 replacement install - No PTZ

    have you resolved this issue?
  11. ghanchihq

    How to set Park position PTZ

    Do you mean Home position?
  12. jeromephone


    Why not tie standard IP cameras to access points and use the greater bandwith to transmit back to NVR.
  13. A CCTV system is required for a mechanical(Bus) workshop/garage. The site has several buildings spread across a large area (500 meter radius). An initial phase will focus on installation of 32 cameras with more later. The "proposed" solution is : Buildings Cameras: wired(POE cameras) at each building and WIFI connection between these buildings. Perimeter Cameras: WIFI cameras. High Gain Outdoor WIFI Antenna: ???????????? I have a few questions on some points: WIFI Camera: Currently the "affordable" WIFI options from Hikvision/Dahua are only 2MP ,30M IR, 4mm lens outdoor cams. These seem too short range for perimeter cams. Would like to go higher res, varifocal with these. are there any options ? WIFI Antenna: Covering such an area with WIFI signal capable of carrying reliable camera signal. Are ther any good quality reliable options?
  14. evening all, i have the qvis dvr and cameras using the bnc cables, im wondering if there are any cameras with audio i can buy and use please? thanks chris
  15. Hi , I would like to set park position on my PTZ / DVR. PTZ is a Bosch Autodome 600 DVR is a Hikvision DS-7332HWI
  16. Hi guys I’m currently in the market for a new camera for one of my premises. I wanted a camera that gives a audio warning message when triggered and even flashing light if possible but the light is not totally essential! I have come across hikvision DS-2Cd2t46g1-41/sl My question is has anyone any experience with this camera, how do they feel it works , is the audio output any use eg would a person in a car hear it or have you needed to add additional speaker if possible? If anyone has any information or suggestions that they did for a similar job in the past id appreciate the help
  17. I'm wanting to get an outdoor PTZ camera with around 10x or greater zoom on it to work with my Lorex LNR6108 NVR. I'm considering their LNZ44P12B and am wondering if anyone here has it. I like the color night vision, but where this camera is there will be pretty much no light at all (minus moonlight) I don't see any IR LED's on it and see no mention of them in the description. I'm trying to contact them but they haven't gotten back to me. With the Cyber Monday price of 374.00 shipped, I think it's a pretty good deal. Anyone have any input on this camera or a different one that will work for me?
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  19. I created a sticky thread in another forum where I try to keep all fw files for VTO/VTH up2date: Dahua VTO/VDP Firmware Link Collection Check it out and let me know if I missed something or if there any newer files arround.
  20. you could try dropping the frame rate and see if that helps. we usually go to about 15 frames. Play with the other setting as well if that does not help
  21. richbanks12

    Is CCTV enough?

    I'm planning to install a CCTV surveillance from a residential security company for my vacation home after its renovation next month. The windows need to be replaced as they have become old and damaged now. I should’ve thought about it way before. We only visit there once in a year and remains vacant for most of the year. I used to live there with my friends when I was in college. But after I shifted to Toronto and settled here with my wife I changed it to my vacation home. It is a fully furnished home. Also, I have my boat in the garage, so it is a good spot for burglars too... I have to make a quick decision as I am caught up with work. I was also thinking of renting it out after the completion of the whole renovation..? Will that be a good option?? Any other ideas people?
  22. Hi , I m having 32 Hikvision IP cams using iVMS 4200 and I m getting sometimes an error message failed to get stream. (from different cams) What should be the good settings for the SUB stream to minimise the impact of the bandwith on the network ? The IP cams are Hik 2CD2112F & 2CD2132F. NVRs are 2X DS7716 Switch is a Trendnet TPE-T160H (16 PORTS PoE + & Switch 10/100MB) Software is iVMS 4200 version Tks
  23. riogrande75

    Can security cam record to NAS

    As long as the cam "speaks" rtsp and you can set limits on your NAS, yes!
  24. Hi I purchased a Hikvision cctv kit from USE IP 8mp latest turret cameras with an 8channel NRV My issue is night vision motion blur is so bad it’s deemed unusable. My camera is 4mm and mounted around 4m in the air and has clear vision onto a footpath. If anyone walks past or even a cat walks past the motion blur is so bad you can’t make anything out. Even at default settings I wouldn’t expect this from a reputable company? My old eBay specials at 2mp we’re honestly better at night any advice to improve motion blur blur would be great my cams are : DS 2CD2385G1 4mm NVR: DS 7608NI I2/8P Firmware : v4.1.63
  25. no can`t view on my home network.like i said i was able to view on my home network before the mexico power went back on and i was able to view both before i lost the mexico feed.
  26. jeromephone

    can`t view 2 different systems remotely.

    can you view it on your home network? Could be your ISP changed your external IP, which could impact your remote viewing.
  27. I am taking over a bunch of sites in these areas and I am looking for subcontractor that can run service calls for me as needed. Axis cameras and Cradlepoint router experience would be nice. Email me at cav_comm@yahoo.com if interested
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