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  2. Hi folks! Do you know how change firmware of Intelbras IZC 1003 to enable onvif or RTSP ?
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  4. I have live view and playback on sd card as long as connected to wifi. Showbox jiofi.local.html tplinklogin
  5. I have an Infinias system that works for the most part. I recently installed a HID Proxpro Prox Reader keypad. The card reader part works fine. But I can't get PINs working. I have a feeling it has to do with the Wiegand Formats. I've selected "ProxPro Keypad 4-bit Key" and "4 bit ProxPro Keypad" in Infinias with no luck. When I push the numbers on the PIN pad, I get this in my Infinias Event log: Full Name: 0-1" Access Denied Invalid Credential Full Name: 0-2" Access Denied Invalid Credentials etc Any ideas what I'm missing??
  6. ragde

    reset pasword

    Greetings, I need to reset my dvr DS-7104HQHI-F1/N0420161207CCWR688911252WCVU
  7. Hi, I am trying to explore Hikcentral Pro and on the mobile app on android I keep getting "Playing failed (HPSClient, 173ea66)" error message on the mobile app on android. I have attached a screenshot.
  8. paullington


    Hi everyone. This is Paul from Nigeria.
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  10. ragde

    reset pasword

    Greetings, I need to reset my dvr DS-7104HQHI-F1/N0420161207CCWR688911252WCVU
  11. sergioregraguy

    No IR

    Speed Test
  12. Hi there, I have a samsung sch-750 analog camera that I would like to control from a PC. The manual is not very clear on what protocol the camera is using. Also, it kind of contradict itself about if its using rs-485 or rs-232. I've joined some screenshot attachments from the manual. The manual specify the RS-485 configuration(parity,data bit ect...) and then remote pinout seems to be for rs232 because of the TX and RX(see first image). RS-485 pinout is usually a+ b- not TX RX. To had to the confusion, in the specs , it say : RS-232C -> Built-in(see second image). Lastly, they provide a table with different command without specifying the protocol(see third image). I've checked on the web and does not look like pelco-D protocol. So my questions are: -Should I connect the camera to a rs-232 or rs-485 usb dongle? -Could tell me what protocol is being used (pelco-D , pelco-P ect...) if you recognize it? Thanks for your help.
  13. I can’t even download the app using the QR code or even trying to find it manually. The cctv DVR works fine it’s just the phone app I can’t seem to download
  14. Please HELP! Camera stuck in CVBS mode Dahua Camera : HD-HAC-HDW1200EMP-A. Any help with the hard reset?
  15. Ok so is the app not working or another problem in your first post ATV Cloud has nothing to do with cctv it’s just a spam add
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  17. Hi it’s a Floureon h264 DVR with the standard cams that come with it
  18. Hi what equipment do you have
  19. Hi i know this is a really old post but it’s the best I could find. The OP said he downloaded ATV Cloud for Android and that went through smoothly. I can’t get past this stage cos I’ve got an iphone and the App Store says it’s not available in your country or region. I’m in the UK. any help would be much appreciated thanks zed
  20. Howdy Friends, It's been a long time since I've visited - but I'm sure the answer to my question will be readily known. I own a Swann / Hikvision NVR 7200-8 and over the years I've used my old laptop to connect to the NVR in order to update my cam settings (primarily the IR begin / end times). My old laptop is no longer working, and I'm now attempting to do the same activity with a much newer laptop that does not have an RJ45 connection. I have a USB 3.0 to RJ45 adaptor - and just today updated the IP v.4 settings to match the NVR (success). In the camera menus there is a Save button at the bottom of each screen. However, when I use the "Image" menu to update the IR Begin / End times, I can enter the values I want - but there is NO Save button appearing (as there always has been). Thus, once I change screens - my edits are not saved. I haven't tried changing any other settings to see if the save button in those screens are operational - which I suspect they are. I have not made any changes to the F/W of the NVR. I'm using Google Chrome as my default browser, and I also tried Edge - but it didn't work either. I also am unable to use "Live View" as I had before when logged into an individual camera - and a message appeared in that screen space asking for me to download a file (WebComponents.exe) - which I did. I recall doing that years ago with my old laptop. I closed out and restarted my laptop (Dell PC), but still am unable to save my changes to IR begin / end times. I received some messages that this was an "un-safe" site - although I'm only logging into my own NVR. So, I opened Trend Micro Security and entered the URL of this particular camera as an exception - as a safe site. I'm most interested in being able to both access the cams (which I can) but to SAVE my chages. Thanks in advance for your valuable ideas. Jim
  21. Toonraider

    Ethernet to wifi

    Excellent, sounds like just what I need. Many thanks.
  22. tomcctv

    Ethernet to wifi

    Hi everything is in the box …… I unit plugs into a socket by your recorder you then plug the Ethernet into dvr then the plug you use the other plug by your router and connect the Ethernet cable into router then plug….. all leads are supplied
  23. Toonraider

    Ethernet to wifi

    Or it that not correct
  24. Toonraider

    Ethernet to wifi

    Hi, So, my understanding is that I still need an ethernet cable from the DVR plugged into this unit which I plug into the socket. Will this then connect to my house router?
  25. Ernie Douglas

    PTZ Upgrade Suggestions

    I searched on here for suggestions for livestock cameras and farm cameras. All I got was suggestions on what type of system (wireless vs wired etc). No suggestions on particular brands, models or vendors. Do I assume that folks on here don't do recommendations? Ernie
  26. The smaller partition on the hardrive is the operating system So Im assuming that the locked password was actually on the fat 32 partition
  27. somebody asked about password reset I think I had same issue and logged in as a guest then formatted the hardrive The other one I did was put a bigger hardrive in using easeaus partition manager and cloning the small partiton as a seperate partition I then created the second partition on the the new hardrive to fat 32 It was one of those two if I remember that cleared the original password from the unit Hope this helps somebody on here
  28. tomcctv

    Ethernet to wifi

    Hi best and simple way is a tp-link set they are cheap and plug and play job done in 5 minutes https://www.tp-link.com/uk/home-networking/powerline/tl-pa717-kit/
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