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Unbricking your Dahua IP camera (Tips, Tricks & Firmware)

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Thanks for nice thread!


However, I have HFW4422EP which is not responding anymore. It has been connected directly to NVR4108-P recorder straight out from the box.


When I connect camera in PoE switch, I can see PoE light on and a bit later data light also. When I put the camera against table surface and block all the light,

night mode and IR lights are not switching on. Also Configtool cannot find camera.


I supplied direct 12V power in camera and connected it to PC, set my PC in 192.168.1.x subnet but still Configtool cannot find the camera.

With advanced port scanner - software I can found camera in and it shows its MAC, but not any ports being open.

Also it does not respond in ping.


With telnet, http, ssh nothing.


There seems to be no physical reset - switch in the camera. Because the shape is not circular, also cannot screw open the lens element to expose

reset switch as it is possible in circular models.


Any ideas?

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Hi, I have a Dahua PTZ SD52C225U-HNI, after ptz bin upgrade ..dead and no ethernet.I tried to unbrick by tftp but lan go up just 1 second. Can you suggest unbrick by serial rs232 or sd card ? I can't use tftp.

I have uboot working by rs232

Thanks !

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If eth interface comes up at least a very short period, then I am convinced the TFTP method should work.

Connect the device to a 100MBit/s switch and set up a pc according to unbricking guide.

Before doing the actual TFTP upgrade process, start wireshark on the pc and see it there is any tftp request from the device.

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