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    That is not a 360 camera. And if you think that cheap crap is better than IP for $100 then your wrong. table top cameras are pointless. People need to think and reaserch what they need. table top cameras can not see who comes to your door.... Can't detected any damage to cars outside......can not see if damage don't to gardens of home exterior and that table top camera for $28. What about in home privacy. Why have a camera in your home living room that footage and sound goes off to a 3rd party could be 100s of strangers watching you in your own home day and night so is $28 home security .....NO. STAY AWAY FROM CHEAP GEEK CRAP
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    Hi. No don’t update Remove your no ip account Your using the Apollo ... good system Delete your no ip and follow the link I have sent to your PM Much more secure and protected
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    Hello I bought a model VTO2000A Videophone intercom. I accidentally Entered the wrong password three times. Unfortunately I can not get in because i scive blocked user. How can I return to factory reset? very kind people who want to help thank you
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    Hello friends. I have Atlantis Pro DD1-1648Q dvr. I don't remember the admin password. How can I reset the password without deleting camera records ?
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    if you want good product you should buy commercial grade product, probably you will need help on configuring it. i would recommend buying Hikvision brand is really reliable and good pricing. You need to check with a professional about the 360 degree camera, not always this cameras are apropiate for the area to be covered. good luck!!!
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    Franky, Im sorry about your dog that is awful. Hikvision Darkfighter and Dahua Starlight cameras provide really good low light performance, watch some youtube videos on them. As far as resolution I would buy the highest you can afford. Good Luck! Louis
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    I found the best security cameras for me and highly recommend it to you! The perks of a light bulb camera are endless, starting from good quality because of the lighting and finishing with WiFi capabilities. Check all the details here https://geeklah.com/best-light-bulb-camera.html
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    Hi. Your budget is a big problem $100 for recorder and cameras. Can't be done. just look at the price of a hard drive and most of your budget has gone. either buy cheap junk fro eBay and waste your $100 or build a system each month by adding to it. I would start of with buying a NVR and each month by a camera
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    Panoramic view camera? I would recommend ZOSI and EZVIZ: https://www.zositech.com/product/zosi-wireless-security-camera-mini-360-degree-panoramic-wifi-indoor-dome-vr-cctv-camera/ https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?cstrackid=9fc2c034-1eb4-453b-aa7b-3ea501243dba&Item=N82E16881389072&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-ChannelSight-_-na-_-na-_-na&cm_sp=&AID=10446076&PID=7907693&SID=9fc2c0341eb4453baa7b3ea501243dba The latter one is much expensive.
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    I have had a DVR system for years but just use the newer stand alone ones fill in for where I have not had time to run the cable through my three roofs and two walls. I would have had 15 stand alone ones over the years and the old ones even the $100 was not reliable. I even bought last year a $140 name brand stand alone but gave it away as it did not take a Micro SD card and only saved to the Cloud. That is good if they steal your camera but I did not want to pay the monthly fee. So the current ones I have are working great and even had one pointed at my security system so I can see if the house alarm has gone off. That has been very handy for years but will put my main DVR system camera to cover that seeing I can now get the eight cameras on my main system showing on my IPhone. I have had the stand alone ones outside monitoring outside the rear of the house where it is close to the router and protected under my BBQ roof. I have had a stand alone IP camera monitoring the front door through a window near the front door and continuously recording to a 64gb Micro SD card until I was able to view my main DVR system on my IPhone. The stand alone ones can always be hacked and people can view and hear what is on the camera. There is good viewing of that on youtube. The DVR system is always the best way but the stand alone ones are good depending on peoples budget and the security required. That is seeing the new ones have proven to me to be quite reliable.
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    Maverick, wifi are isn't very reliable do to possible interference from all these wifi gadgets now a days, They will fail right when you need them. 1 wifi camera might be ok, but the more you add the problems. This looks like a good deal, but you will need to buy a hard drive. https://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?sdtid=12321619&SID=84fd9180038c11e99fd8dee7c78a78dc0INT&AID=10446076&PID=1225267&nm_mc=AFC-C8Junction&Item=N82E16881183095&utm_medium=Email&utm_source=IGNEFL112218&cm_mmc=AFC-C8Junction-Slickdeals LLC-_-na-_-na-_-na&ignorebbr=1&cm_sp= My friend tommy found this one... https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/HIKVISION-OEM-8CH-4K-CCTV-KIT-DS-7608NI-I2-8P-NVR-4MP-Dome-IP-IR-H-265-HD-Camera/263561965076?var=&hash=item3d5d846e14
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    I am a cheap skate or a savvy buyer maybe. So I'll mention the cheap ones I have had but no 360 degree ones. Maybe you are after a DVR box type with IP Cameras but here is some information on cheap stand alone ones. All these you have to have patience and not mind mucking around with the a bit. I have been using the V380 ones for quite a while and been good. I could check the cameras from overseas on my IPhone. You actually search V380 to locate the cameras on sites. V380 Version I have had for years these well in the 720P version and this is an updated 1080P. They may now have QR code to set up but if not they can take a while to set up Sometimes you can do it in 2 minutes. That is set up with an IPhone etc. On my Geek IPhone app I have this exact camera for $22. This one is $35 so go searching. Occasionally EBay have them around $25. https://geek.wish.com/product/5a7518180e39882737375378?&hide_login_modal=true Digoo Name Brand Version. My daughter bought three Digoo BB-M1 IP cameras which look the same as the V380 ones. I set one up for her and it worked great but she moved it and could not get it going again. So I have the three Digoo IP cameras for a couple of months and only today I could not see anything on the Micro SD Card. I just rebooted it and all good again. To get the Digoo cameras going it was quick and easy as it had a QR code to scan. But there are features you have to set up the way you want them. Either record on movement or full time record plus other stuff which takes a while to understand. It is just what you have to do with any IP camera. I think there is a Version 2 - Digoo BB-M2 which would be a bit dearer. Yahoo I just found Version 2 for AU $28 https://www.banggood.com/Digoo-BB-M2-Mini-WiFi-Camera-USB-Wireless-IP-CAM-Home-Security-HD-720P-RTSP-PTZ-Audio-Onvif-p-1097872.html?cur_warehouse=CN I would say that is a good buy but check them out on youtube and review sites. https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=digoo+m2 That should be good and worth buying one at least. I have paid $100 for ip cameras in the past and they have been useless. Pity I wasted that money on name brand cameras but these new ones were not around then. See what you think. Col
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    QVIS Quattro 4BB 4 in1 Unit 1 manufactured by QVIS on the 06/09/2016 I've attached Pictures of the Main log in screen and the Web Log in screen ***Please note*** The date on the screen was correct when the picture was taken the date being displayed is now 26/11/2018
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    Just an FYI, I took the risk and gave it a try, and I can confirm that V3.4.96 works with CH cams (V5.2.0).
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    Boogieman, this is Dahua , not Hikvision! I suggest upgrading firmware to the latest version, setting strong passwords (mix uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special characters) and changing ports. Works on Hikvision, hope it works on Dahua too. This happens on systems running with default passwords and ports, no special backdoor needed. Newer versions of Hikvision firmwares do not allow simple passwords, and that's it.
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    Hi. Rain or snow does not have to have contact with sensor. .... so just sensor under cover will not help I would forget trying to get a pir sensor to work at that distance. I would look at GJD wireless pir heads. Very reliable and last 4 years on one 9v standard battery Mount pir at your gate ..... set detection patern..... also control on and off and schedule from recorder http://www.gjd.co.uk/products/wireless-detectors
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    Cheers Tomcctv much appreciated I use no-ip and set it up myself Someone advised I set up a vpn but don't know how much money and effort required. Do i need to update firmware on cameras as well as the apollo?
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    Hacked twice Russia and from Argentina
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    Hi. You only need to forward port 37777 and don’t portforward anything else. Also reload your app as another was released Thursday It does not matter re doing ports of passwords if you don’t also change your IP address. If you want someone to phone you at home you give them your telephone number It’s the same with your IP address it’s like the telephone to your Network once someone has it they can use it. A full router reset is also a good idea Which ddns service did you use ...... did you set it up ? Also check your PM I have sent you a message and you need to act on it
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    I have looked at the logs and this is the first time I was hacked. The day before some IP in Russia logged in and out and then the next day was hacked by IP address in Argentina Then hacked again IP address in Ukraine. This time changing names of cameras with message to update firmware? - friendly hacker?
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    The telnet command does not use the users / passwords that are used to access the gui. The telnet command only works with root / vizxv . -- Chris
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    I don't know about re-loading the firmware, but if you need to re-set the passwords, you can use the clearparam command as described in the opening post. telnet into the camera, then type /sbin/clearparam This will do a 'factory reset' for all of the camera parameters - it will clear any user accounts that you may have created, and it will restore the camera default settings (passwords, ip addresses, overlays, etc). When I ran this the process seemed to hang (as it has changed the camera ip address, and so the telnet session was mangled). But after waiting for the camera to re-appear as I was able to access the GUI using admin and the default admin password. -- Chris Unfortunately, since I changed the Admin account password to a password I cannot recall, I can't enter the SSH/Telnet area to run the /sbin/clearparam command... -EP
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    A week ago, I bricked a IPC-HFW4300S-V2 after upgrading with standard firmware. I wound up RMA'ing it because I couldn't connect to the GUI. I didn't know I could recover it, even though my router could see it, but I'm glad cctv_007 is developing this info to help other people. From the information I've read on here, it sounds like the V2 inferior to the standard version, is this true?
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